Atomic Habits Summary

Are you ready to transform your life? In James Clear’s Atomic Habits, you’ll learn how to make powerful, lasting changes in all areas of your life. Through small, incremental steps, you can create habits that will help you lead a healthier, more productive lifestyle. This revolutionary approach has been praised by The New York Times … Read more

Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero

Right before the pandemic, I wanted to go on an adventure and I found myself packing to go for a weekend to Chisinau, Moldova. 🇲🇩 Going to Moldova is not really an adventure itself,however, if you drive 70km southeast you will end up in a city called Tiraspol, in Transnistria. Quoting recommendation from my embassy … Read more

How to read faster

While reading a book, I am always getting this feeling of frustration thinking about how good it would be to be able to read faster.My rational thinking is:“If I could read faster, I could read more books to unleash my potential in the same amount of time”.Unfortunately, I never challenged myself on this one.Why? I … Read more