Your well-deserved vacation is waiting for you around the corner, you close the last things at work, and you get ready to write the OOO message…
however – issues! You do not know what to write.
I bring you here some inspirational and funny Ouf of Office message examples in Outlook.

Funny Out of Office messages in Outlook

Before moving into the funny part, it is important for you to understand what OOO means, when to use it and how to set it up in your Outlook email.

What does OOO stand for in Outlook?

OOO stands for Out of office.

What is an out-of-office message and when to use it?

The out-of-office message (or OOO message) is an auto-reply email that notifies people when you’re not at work for a certain period. It should be used to notify your peers that you will not be working, including the period when you will be out and who to reach out to for the time you are not at work.

How to turn on Out of Office messages in Outlook

It is very simple – with a few clicks, you will be able to turn on your Out of Office message in Outlook.

Step by step – how to do it:

Open your Outlook and click on File

Click on Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

The following screen will appear – Few clicks to do:

  • Select the Send automatic replies option.
  • Tick the option: Oly send during this time range
  • Include your Out of Office message (both Inside my organization

Once all is settled – click OK.

You are good to go, an auto-reply email will be sent to the people who will try to contact you.

Example of a simple and good out-of-office message

Out of office message!

I will be on vacation from [period of time]

I will get back to you on [date]

Back up: [email]

[Your name]

Why do I think this is the best option for an out-of-office message?
There is a clear first sentence stating the reason for your auto-reply email: Out of office!

It is very visible the period when you will be out and when you will be back: I will be on vacation from [period of time] & I will get back to you on [date]

Clear back up who to contact: Back up: [email]

FAQ Out of Office messages

Shall I include my phone number in the OOO message?

No, my recommendation would be not to include your phone number in your OOO message.

How shall I start the OOO message?

Keep it concise and straight to the point.
No need to add no relevant sentences like “Thank you for your email”, and “Hope you are doing well”…
Keep it to the point.

Shall I use an OOO message if I will be away only one day?

Yes, no matter how long you will be Ouf of Office, you should always have an OOO when you will not be at work.

Shall I use an OOO message in case of a national holiday?

Yes, no matter the reason , you should always have an OOO when you will not be at work

Funny Out of office messages

I am having an out of office experience


When your vacation is something more than a vacation – a full experience

On vacation, if you need me go outside and scream really loud and I might hear you

Thank you


When you want people to reach you out , but not in an easy way

I am on paternity leave with limited access to emails, sleep & social life


When you have new responsibilities in life (congrats!)

Feel free to choose your own adventure




When you like the adventure:

Right email but wrong timing

Best of Luck,

When the timing does not feel right

Thank you for the message.
I am out of office hoping to win the lottery and never come back again.

If for whatever the reason that does not happen, I will be back next Monday.

Wish me luck and hopefully we will not see each other again


When you are hoping for a touch of luck

I am out of office, but you are not out of options, someone will help you


There is always someone else ready to help – not you

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am out of office,
Don’t you wish you were too?


What about becoming a poet?

Think about how you would have handled this before I worked here.
Now do that


When you are hoping for a touch of luck

Know, know. Who’s there?
Not me. I will be out of office until next Thursday


Who is there?

This is a trial period for when I leave for another job.
Please provide feedback on the experience.

Thank you,

When you want your peers to get used to your absence

Enjoying my mid-thirties life crisis.
Please wait until Tuesday.


When you are going through a lifetime crisis

Please enjoy your break from me.


When a break, it is what is only needed

See you after the break. If you miss me, it is high time to give me a raise!

Julia P.

Smart way to ask for a salary increase

I have retired. Feel free to blame be for everything that comes to your mind.
Edith P.

Time to get retired

I am away until I return. Thank you. Luke

Time for disconnecting

I don’t bother people while they are on vacation. Be like me. David

Vacation is vacation

If you can’t think for yourself on this one, you’ll have to wait until I get back
Wait for me.


Time to think for yourself

For emergencies call 911. For everything else try Google.

Emergencies are emergencies

While I am Out of office, please contact the below number.

You are right, there is no number.

Ops, I forgot my number

Enjoying life. I will be back when I run out of money.


Time to disconnect from life

This email is invalid, and your email have been discarded.
Please try your luck again in 10 days.


Ups bad luck

I am out of office with limited access to my email.
For urgent matters contact my manager

Urgent: Requiring immediate action or attention.


What urgent means

Do not contact me on my leave or I will report you to HR.


Follow the rules

Hello all, I am off to pursue a modelling career. If it does not work out, I will be coming back on Monday.


A new career path

Error 404: Employee not found

For the ITs

For any urgent matter, please take a deep breath because only a very few things are urgent.


Time to meditate

On my return I will delete everything in my inbox. If your email is important, then send again.


Time for a clean-up

If every time you come back from vacation you get very stressed thinking about how your Inbox will look like, I show you here – step by step how to effectively manage your inbox after vacation.

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