Things to do when you are new in Warsaw Poland

Things to do when you are new in Warsaw Poland

If you have just moved to Warsaw recently
and you are not sure what you can do in your free time in the capital of Poland.

Let me tell you,
you have arrived at the right place.

In this city,
you will never get bored.

When I say never,
I mean it.

Where to eat in Warsaw

Warsaw is a city for foodies.
No matter the type of food you like.
You will find it in Warsaw.

Italian food?
Address: Krucza 16/22, 00-526 Warszawa, Poland

Very tasty pizza with Neapolitan style.
The good news?
It is open till 1 AM during the weekdays

What about Indian food?
Rasoi, that’s the place

I strongly recommend you to go there on Tuesday for butter chicken,
they have a lunch menu at a very affordable price.

Chmielna 98/15, 00-801 Warszawa, Poland

And Thai food?

plac Bankowy 4, 00-095 Warszawa, Poland

Dancing in Warsaw

If you are rather into active stuff,
Warsaw is well-known for its dancing scene.

Many people from all around the world are coming to Warsaw for bachata festivals.

Difficult to believe, right?
No joking.

If you are into dancing,
Latin dancing is a good option to start with.

Here you can find all the bachata parties in the city.

If you want to take some classes,
you can find here some of the best bachata classes for foreigners in Warsaw.

Yoga classes in Warsaw

Latin dance may be too dynamic for you.

There are other options.
For example?
Attending Yoga classes.

It is more of a quiet vibe compared to dancing,
while you take care of both your inside and outside.

There are plenty of good Yoga Studios around the city,
and even some Yoga classes in the outdoor.
(not in Winter, you would freeze there hehe)

To Yoga Studio,
in the north of the city.

Address: Efraima Schroegera 90, 01-845 Warszawa, Poland

If you prefer a center location,

Yoga Republic,
can be another good option.
Address: plac Zbawiciela 2, 00-573 Warszawa, Poland

Learning a language

It is not all about moving, right?.

You may want to extend your language skill set,
for example Spanish.

The good news?
Warsaw is well-known for being a very cosmopolitan city.

You can find people from warm countries such as
Spain (like myself), Portugal or Italy.

And even people from very very very far away such as
Mexicans, Argentinians or Brazilians.

If you are into learning Spanish,
you can do it for free.
Yes, no joking. Free of charge.

Every second Thursday,
there is an event called ¨La Caña¨ in Sol y Sombra.

Address: Grzybowska 2/16, 00-131 Warszawa, Poland

This is free of charge.

You don’t need to sign up anywhere.
Simply you need to show up there around 20:30 and 21:00,
and bring the most important thing you have your smile.

And remember it is happening only every second Thursday.

To learn Spanish more professionally,
you can reach out to @cesarballesta on IG and arrange your Spanish lesson.

Develop your public speaking skills

Plenty of options.

You can opt for Toastmasters,
a club that it is gathering every Tuesday for people who want to develop their leadership skills:
public speaking, communication, negotiation…

The first sessions you can attend as guest,
and later you need to pay a regular fee.

Another option is joining The Institute of Skills,
where regular sessions are being organized with some of them being free of charge.

If you are not into paying,
but still, you want to develop your soft skills,
another good option is here (it is for free, no worries),
where I share tips on how to be a better professional at work.

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