Best Excel functions in supply chain

No matter if you are just starting your professional career in supply chain or you are already working for some years in the supply chain, Microsoft Excel will be a that close friend of you, that friend that will walk by your side all the way from your first until your last day at work. … Read more

VBA Your First Macro #0

8.5h saved in one month. From 10h per month to 1.5h per month.All thanks to a Macro in Excel. One simple tool. Let me tell you more. While holding a position in the data industry,every day I needed to update in Excel scorecard with the results from the previous day. I had to spend daily … Read more

VBA How to clear content #1

For successful VBA programming and enjoying the process, I always recommend doing minor changes in your mindset. What I like to call – think “Like Excel”. What does think “Like Excel” mean? Let me explain to you with an example.Imagine you want to delete the content in one specific cell, what you would normally do … Read more

Free Excel courses

You graduate from university 🎓, you get your first job🧑‍💻, and your manager is asking you to prepare some data analysis. You don’t really have a clue what to do and you ask for some guidance:“Download the data from the system, perform a VLOOKUP versus the master file from there to create a pivot table … Read more