On the 15th of June 2015,
I joined Procter & Gamble in Warsaw, Poland
as a Manager of others in the data department.

During that month they were giving the CEO awards.
The awards for the top 3% of performers during the Fiscal Year.

I loved what I saw and my competitive side appeared.

I made a promise to myself,
rather a big one.

Next year,
I would be standing on that stage winning the CEO award – that was my promise.

As the promises are to be kept,
I won the award.

The fact that I won the award, is not important to you.
What is important for you is to use what I did myself to grant my award after 12 months in the role,
so you can do it too and boost your career.

All that I did,
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  • what I did during my first 3 months in the role
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The most important thing is that
you will be able to apply it from day one.

Enough talking about awards,
let me introduce myself,
that is the reason why you are here.

My name is Carlos,
born in Spain,
Industrial Engineer as background
and living in Warsaw (Poland) for enough years to speak Polish.

√I don’t speak Polish (yet).

√I don’t like to work hard – I am Spanish

√I like to automate my work

√I meditate

√I speak English with a strong Spanish accent

I started this blog because I don’t like to work hard.
Every time a new team member was joining my team,
I was receiving the same questions.

Instead of answering those questions over and over,
I decided to document it in this blog post.

Win-win for everyone.
The colleague has the info in writing,
and, I don’t need to spend time explaining again the same.

Many of the tips I share with my colleagues,
I shared them in my newsletter.

The day that you are not inside the newsletter,
the tip that you miss.

Let me make it simple for you,
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