How to get visibility at work

Do you feel always the same people are presenting and talking in every meeting?Those same people that everyone is always talking about and those same people are constantly getting promoted while receiving tons of rewards and recognition. There is one thing they are doing brilliantly.Do you know what that one thing is?That one thing is … Read more

First-Time manager

A bag of ice on my face, blood on my knees and a destroyed t-shirt, that was me during a summer afternoon when I was 5 years old. Quoting the CEO of Virgin Airlines – Richard Branson: That amazing opportunity came.It was the brand-new bicycle 🚲that my elder cousin got for his birthday, and he … Read more

How to create a Microsoft Form to gather feedback on remote training sessions

Flipping to the last slide of my remote Outlook training.55 people on the other side of the Teams meeting. And I proceed with the two magic words. Any feedback? – Silence. The first time it is uncomfortable, the second time I start to get used to it, and the third time …The third time I … Read more