How to make chatGPT write longer

You are preparing a text for your site using chatGPT and you notice that the text is rather short,
you tried asking for longer text in the prompt and had no result… do not give up, find out in this post how to make chatGPT write longer.

How to make chatGPT write longer

If you are reading this post, probably you already know what chatGPT is about and you know how to use it,
however, you may be struggling with getting chatGPT (no matter if version 3, version 3.5 or even version 4) to write longer texts.

Let’s see in detail what Artificial intelligence and chatGPT are about and how to make chatGPT write longer texts.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat system based on the Artificial Intelligence Language Model GPT-4, developed by the American company OpenAI (founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk among other people).

The model contains nearly 200 million parameters,
and it has been trained with a large number of texts to perform various language-related tasks, from translation to text generation and even coding.

If the term Artificial intelligence is not familiar to you, let’s deep dive into it.

What is Artificial intelligence about?

Artificial Intelligence is the combination of different programs,
and the code of each of these programs emulates the way the human brain works.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence simulates the way we reason and think as humans.

In the case of ChatGPT, this AI has been trained to have conversations with anyone.

Its algorithms should be able to understand what you are asking precisely, including adjectives and variations you add in your sentences, and to answer you in a coherent way.

The most surprising thing about this AI chat is that,
it is able to give you very accurate and complete answers, even several paragraphs long (sometimes not as long as we would like it).

The challenge is that length of the paragraphs may not be long enough, discover a few different methods to get longer texts from chatGPT.

How to make chatGPT write longer texts

Discover the best ways to make chatGPT write longer texts.

Ask chatGPT to prepare a list and elaborate on this point.

This is a good way to guide the chatGPT in the direction you want the IA to go.

You give a prompt asking to elaborate without sharing more details on each of the elements on the list.

Example of the prompt: Be specific. Share the list of professions that will disappear because of the appearance of Artificial Intelligence. Stick to providing a list. Do not elaborate further than the list.

Once you get the list, ask the AI to elaborate on each of the points,
this way you will be getting nearly 200 words per point. Extending to 10 points, you can get up to 2000 words of text in less than 5min.

Example of the prompt: Elaborate on point 1 Telemarketers – how the Artificial Intelligence will be impacting here

Use the continue prompt.

This option works very well when talking about historical events or general topics (such as how to be more polite, and how to be more persuasive)

NOTE: it will not work well when you need to elaborate content that is interconnected, for example, a book, a novel, or a story…

Let’s see the example of Titanic:

Prompt: write an article explaining what happened with the Titanic

Outcome: chatGPT provided 398 words and 2438 characters (you can check this here )

If I want chatGPT to write even more words,
I can simply ask chatGPT in the prompt to continue.

Prompt: Following the same structure, continue generating more text

Outcome: chatGPT provided 305 words and 1855 characters

You can do this as many times as you,
allowing you to extend the length of your text as per your needs.

Bear in mind, if you ask too many times for the AI to continue, the AI can start to have hallucinations.

If you wonder, what hallucinations in the AI world mean – discover it below in detail.

Use the extend prompt.

The extend prompt follows the very same logic as the continue prompt.

When asking chatGPT to extend, be precise about it.

Example of the prompt:

Using the same structure, extend and ensure you finish all the sentences.

Extend and keep the same style. Be concise and to the point.

Add page numbers to each response.

This option works very well when talking about historical events or general topics (such as how to be more polite)

it will not work well when you need to elaborate content that is interconnected, for example, a book, a novel or a story.

Prompt: Behave as an expert in Rome and the history of the capital of Italy. I want you to write a book about what to visit in Rome with many interesting and helpful tips for tourists. Keep informal language. Finish all the sentences. Write as many words as possible.

As part of the first outcome, chatGPT is populating 456 words and 2619 characters

By writing page 2, the chatGPT will keep writing more words.

When giving chatGPT input as page 2, as the outcome you will get 449 words and 2578 characters.

This is a very simple and effective way to get make chatGPT write longer.

Which are the different types of artificial intelligence?

There are four main different Artificial bits of intelligence to take into account:

Text Artificial Intelligence:

These are those capable of understanding natural language. As a result, they can perform tasks related to reading and writing, summarizing, translating, organizing information, etc. The best-known and most powerful at the time of writing is GPT-4.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence:

Conversational or dialogue Artificial Intelligence are nothing more than Text Artificial Intelligence designed to be able to converse. The most famous, without a doubt, is ChatGPT, and we also have BingBot (it is called just Bing or BingChat, but I like to call it BingBot).

Image Artificial Intelligence:

These are those capable of visually understanding concepts. At the time of writing these lines, Artificial Intelligence such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion or Dall-E, which translates written concepts into images (you tell them to draw a cat and they draw it for you, for example), are very fashionable. However, it also works in the opposite direction. When you do a reverse image search in Google, it tells you what is in the image and the semantic elements of the image (approximately).

Audio Artificial Intelligence:

These are those capable of processing audio. They do not necessarily understand the concepts. For example, there are Artificial Intelligence that transcribes audio (Speech-To-Text) and others that put a voice to written text (Text-To-Speech).

Video Artificial Intelligence:

Similar to Image Artificial Intelligence but applied to video. At the time of writing, there is still no public AI with sufficient quality to take advantage of it, but there are already very advanced projects. It is a matter of months before we have a Midjourney in the video version.

Does chatGPT have a memory?

It depends, as in many things in life.
Memory as such,
chatGPT does not have it.

chatGPT is working on probabilities based on the set of data that the model has been trained on.

If you ask chatGPT when the II World War started, due to this date being repeated very often in the database, chatGPT will be able to answer precisely:

if you ask chatGPT a data about a topic that it is not often asked, chatGPT tends to “invent” the information.

As example:
which team finished fifth in the premier league in 1986 – chatGPT is sharing incorrect information.

By the way – the team that finished fifth in the season 1985/1986 was Sheffield Wednesday

What’s the difference between words and characters in chatGPT?

Words are words. 
Letters are arranged in a way that you can read them and comprehend what they mean. 
Characters are individual letters, numbers, and symbols, that makeup words and sentences.

What do hallucinations in Artificial Intelligence mean?

Imagine you are asking chatGPT to give you the lyrics of your favourite song.
You start to read the lyrics provided by the AI and you notice, there is something strange.
Congratulations, you have just seen the AI having a hallucination.

In other words,
the hallucination (also called delusion) is a confident response given by the Artificial Intelligence that is not supported nor justified by its data set included during the training of the artificial intelligence.

Looking at the future, this is indeed one of the major concerns regarding the usage of Artificial Intelligence. That’s why it is key to understand when a hallucination is happening so you are not working with wrong and misleading information.

Conclusion on chatGPT writing longer

The best way to interact with AI in general and chatGPT, in particular, is by using it for topics that you are partially familiar with. In case you want to use it for topics you are not familiar you may want to do first some Google searches to understand the basics so you can easily spot if the AI is having a hallucination, otherwise, you can end up working on the wrong data.

FAQ chatGPT write longer texts

Some questions you may have regarding how to make chatGPT write longer texts

How do I get longer responses on chatGPT?

One way to get longer responses on chatGPT is to include in your prompt the guidance as if you would need a book. Every time you notice chatGPT is not writing any more, mention the number of pages. For example in the prompt, I would include page 1 and once chatGPT stops writing I would include it in chatGPT page 2.

How do I get chatGPT to write more?

There are a few options you can make chtGPT to write more. You can ask the AI to extend, to continue, to name the page…Another interesting option is to ask for a list of topics and individually ask to elaborate on each of them.

What is the maximum length of ChatGPT?

There is no limit as such for chatGPT, however when you will ask chatGPT to write a rather long text , let’s say around 4000 words, you will notice that somewhere before the 1000 words chatGPT will stop working. There are different tricks you  Some questions you may have regarding how to make chatGPT write longer texts

Is there any word limit in ChatGPT?

There is no limit as such. However, chatGPT is not capable to provide texts that are longer than 1000-1500 words. You can ask the AI to extend once you will notice it is getting stopped, this way you will get longer texts as the output of the tool.

How do you continue an answer in chatGPT?

There are multiple ways to ask chatGPT to continue. You can simply as chatGPT to “continue” in the prompt, or you can ask to “extend”, can to “elaborate more”. These are simple ways of making chatGPT write longer texts.

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