Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero

Right before the pandemic, I wanted to go on an adventure and I found myself packing to go for a weekend to Chisinau, Moldova. 🇲🇩

Going to Moldova is not really an adventure itself,
however, if you drive 70km southeast you will end up in a city called Tiraspol, in Transnistria.

Quoting recommendation from my embassy when travelling to Tiraspol:

“Travelers are responsible for the consequences of their decision to travel.”

For the ones that don’t know what Tiraspol is: (according to Wikipedia)
Tiraspol is the capital of Transnistria, a breakaway state of Moldova.
Transnistria is recognized as a country only by: Abkhazia, the Republic of Artsakh and South Ossetia, and there is a Russian consulate there, probably you don’t know these countries (Russia probably yes).

Interesting things about Tiraspol and Transnistria.

  • They speak Russian 🇷🇺– all signs are in Cyrillic.
  • There is no mobile internet connection. 📵
  • There is no banking system – you can’t withdraw money from the ATM. Their coins are made of plastic. 🪙

Following the no recommendations from the embassy and without speaking Russian, no internet and no money I decided to spend one day in Tiraspol – you get an 8h-visa. If you exceed this time you will need to explain many things (in Russian, no clue about the language).

The day started very smooth, and it ended up with me running 10km from a petrol station to the border, making it only 3min before the end of my visa.

What happened in the middle… will go in another post.
When I tell the story to my friends, they always say how stupid I am, I prefer to say how brave.

And this is how Tiraspol, the best Spanish copywriter and myself got connected.

Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero

(in English I write because I like to earn money)

Talking about being brave, that’s the surname of probably the best copyrighter in Spain and one of the best copywriters in the world – Isra Bravo (Isra Brave in English –

A tall, bold guy who makes 50K EUR/monthly (the number is correct) – just writing emails.

This tall, bold guy who makes 50K EUR/monthly wrote a book “I write because I like to earn money” (in Spanish Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero)

The content of the book is top quality, and the cover of the book is terrible.

Really cover of the book is terrible.

I write because I like to earn money

Resumen – Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero

This book is about copywriting (persuasive writing), selling and how to make money online and offline.

You can find a mix of personal stories (Isra’s story – not mine) and real-life examples of emails that Isra wrote and worked. When I say emails that worked, I means email where he made big money with.

Imagine one email – thousands of euros flowing to the wallet (his wallet, not mine)

Main takeaways from the book – you can read it in less than 2 hours.

  • You can go from 0 to 100 in one year – if done properly
  • To sell you need to achieve three things: Do not show need, control your emotions, and influence others.
  • Identify your audience and attack their problems.
  • Tell stories to your audience – proper ones. Stories that connect with what you want to sell.
  • Polarize – try to make that only very few like you very much.

And much more … how to sell, how to generate curiosity and how to find your own style.

Descargar PDF Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero

You know it is illegal to download books from the internet, right? 😡

Do you?

What I can show you is where I bought the book myself.
Probably you know a company that starts with A, from the United States and with a former CEO that has several things in common with Isra (I am not talking about the hair).

Exactly on Amazon, you can buy it.

The book is easy to read (it took me around 2h) –

I write because I like to earn money

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