Effective Workload Management with Outlook

Inbox full

  • Tired of having your Inbox full?
  • Are you not clear on how to organize the emails in Outlook?
  • Do you spend too much time in your Outlook instead of doing “productive” things?

If your answers are Yes, Yes,Yes ✅ – to the three questions,

and more importantly, you are willing to put the effort to have a “healthy” inbox.

You have just arrived at the right place.

How Venezuela and Vietnam ☀️ will help you in having Zero emails in your inbox 📧

At first glance, you will think that those countries have nothing in common with having a clean inbox.

You are wrong ❌

Venezuela and Vietnam are much more connected than you think.

If you wonder how these countries will help you have 0 emails in your inbox by the time you close your inbox – sign up for this course

Inbox Zero in Outlook

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Why you should start your day not looking at your inbox
  2. The power of using tasks
  3. Mister Paton magic chart

On top of that,

you will learn the most helpful shortcuts that will allow you to navigate through outlook without using your mouse

How can I trust that this course is as good as it is promised? – you will have to

No worries,

you will not be the first person to attend this training.

I have been leading this training offline and online for 5 years and more than 1000 people have gone through my training so far.

How can I trust that this course is as good as it is promised? – you will have to trust me

The last onsite training (+200 people) took place a few weeks ago.

Some of the non-requested feedback of people who attended

“Let me start by saying that this was a second Mister Paton’ training that I’ve attended and boy, is he the best trainer ever or what? Training was extremely well organized, everything was well explained and clear, Mister Paton always know how to keep people interested and involved and what I guess is the most important – I’ve learned so many useful tips. I already used a lot of Outlook functions and short keys but I still got a lot from this training. My favorite is moving e-mails to other folders with a short-cut and normally I’d probably keep forgetting what the shortcut was but that “Venezuela” stuck in my head forever 🙂 What an absolutely brilliant way to memorize things!”

“The best one-hour training I have ever had of my life”

“The enthusiasm and organizational skills of Mister Paton”

“Practical knowledge, realistic examples, energy and enthusiasm”

“Fast, clear, efficient way of presenting, with concrete examples and repetition of key steps”

Emails not showing up in inbox outlook

After going through this course, you most likely will think you had an issue with your outlook.

Your emails stop showing up 😜

In reality, it is that you will have a system in place, a system that works.

A system that will enable you to unleash your potential and focus on the “important” things.

If you would be interested in attending this Effective workload Management with Outlook course, drop your details in the form below or contact me at hello@misterpaton.com :

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