You graduate from university 🎓, you get your first job🧑‍💻, and your manager is asking you to prepare some data analysis. You don’t really have a clue what to do and you ask for some guidance:
“Download the data from the system, perform a VLOOKUP versus the master file from there to create a pivot table and extract the top contributors as per Pareto Rule”
if all this is Greek🇬🇷 to you, no worries you have just arrived at the right place.

Free Excel courses

Discover the best online Excel courses that will turn you into an Excel guru 🥷 in less than 4 weeks.

What is Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program that would allow you to make any calculation that you could imagine. The potential of Excel is limitless.

In a more official definition, Excel is a software program created and owned by Microsoft that uses spreadsheets to organize data, numbers, and tables. Excel allows you to do calculations, prepare visualizations and automate operations with VBA (VBA is a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications).

Why learn Excel

When you are joining a new organization, it is highly likely Excel will be the main software you will use for performing calculations, reports and data analysis … indeed it is estimated that nearly 60% of businesses worldwide are using Excel as the main spreadsheet technology. (Link to study)

The future is not about to change, Excel is becoming the industry standard across the globe.🌍

Top 3 reasons to learn Excel:

  • Increase your value in the job market – High-paying jobs 💰
  • Working more efficiently – Save time ⏳
  • Data analysis – Drive conclusions that will save you money 🔢

Start learning Excel today – and increase your value on the market by taking some of the Excel courses I personally recommend to you.

Excel courses Online


Excel Skills for Business Specialization

What you will learn:

  • Be comfortable navigating the Excel user interface, entering, manipulating, and formatting data.
  • Analyze data and present the results in a user-friendly way. Create charts and tables that effectively summarize raw data.
  • Use formulas and functions to perform calculations on data. Automate choices and data lookups using functions.
  • Create easy-to-use spreadsheets. Validate data, find, and correct errors. Create navigation aids for large workbooks.

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Mister Paton

Microsoft Excel – become an Excel guru. Private sessions with excel expert

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Build a solid understanding of the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Explanation of most common Excel formulas (IF , VLOOKUP, IFERROR)
  • Creation of dynamic reports by mastering Pivot tables
  • Automation of day-to-day tasks through Macros
  • How to connect Excel with other systems (ie: SAP)
  • Access to an Excel experienced user with 10+ years of experience in Excel Training

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Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

What you will learn:

  • Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • Build a solid understanding on the Basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Learn the most common Excel functions used in the Office
  • Harness the full power of Microsoft Excel by automating your day-to-day tasks through Macros and VBA
  • Maintain large sets of Excel data in a list or table
  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables
  • Wow your boss by unlocking dynamic formulas with IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more

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Master Data analytics and become an insightful excel professional

What you will learn:

  • Identify data analysis use cases and develop a data-centric mindset for problem-solving.
  • Use data models for analysis and manipulate raw data to extract insights.
  • Analyze data using Formulas, Functions, Datasets, Tables, PivotTables, Pivot Charts, What-If Analysis and Decision-Making Tools.
  • Create attractive data visualizations for easy consumption, including generating, modifying and formatting charts and dashboards.

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PRICE: 402.30 USD


Learn to efficiently Use Excel at work and to Get a Job Excel Skills for Business Specialization

What you will learn:

  • Create Formulas to make business calculations
  • Use Excel Functions like VLOOKUP & IF functions to make efficient business calculations
  • Format & create page setup for effective reports and dashboards
  • Understand and use Number Formatting in reports and calculations
  • Use PivotTables to create reports and dashboards
  • Use Sort, Filter and Flash Fill for data analysis tasks
  • Use Power Query to import and clean data
  • Use Power Pivot Relationships to make reports from multiple tables
  • Create charts and visualizations for dashboards
  • Complete comprehensive business tasks integrating multiple Excel features

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