How to edit a file in Teams

Imagine you need to work in the same file together with other team members.You can simply send this file via email, and everyone to work the inputs offline and consolidate all the inputs at the end. This does not seem very efficient. On the other hand, you can the same file in a Teams chat, … Read more

How to Bcc in Outlook

Do you want to send an email to people without them knowing who is on the distribution list?If that’s the case, the BCC functionality is for you.Discover here how to Bcc in Outlook. How to BCC in Outlook Bcc stands for blind carbon copy, and it is a feature that is included in your Outlook … Read more

How to always BCC yourself in Outlook

I use the BCC functionality at least 8-10 times daily, and the fact of doing it always in a manual way consistently feels like a waste of time. If you have read this blog recently, you will see I am very passionate about innovation and simplification. In this spirit,I said to myself – there must … Read more