Best companies to work for as a foreigner in Warsaw

Best companies to work for as a foreigner in Warsaw

Latest stats show the unemployment rate in Warsaw,
is less than 1.5%.

What does it mean?
Everyone who wants to work
can easily find a (well-paid) job.

If you are a foreigner,
and considering moving to Warsaw for work.

Read my 10 years of experience as a foreigner working in the city.

Reasons why to work in Warsaw as Foreigner

Before jumping into the list of companies,
a few elements that you may want to consider.

Working hours

This is not Spain, Italy or UK,
where people are used to working 10-12 hours daily.

In Poland,
people normally work their regular 8 hours,
and that’s it.

Of course,
depending on your ambition you can work more,
but it will not be expected.

Possibilities for promotion

With such a low unemployment rate
and with more and more companies moving into the city,
the opportunities are endless.

You can easily make it from analyst to manager,
in less than 3 years.

What does it mean to be a manager?
Of course more responsibility,
but as well more money.

In this separate post,
I cover step-by-step
how to make it to the managerial level.

Polish language is not needed

If you are looking for a job in Berlin,
probably you will need German.

If you are looking for a job in Barcelona,
probably you will need Spanish.


If you are looking for a job in Warsaw

surprise you will only need English.

And that’s a massive advantage.

Think about it.
In almost no other country you would be as competitive with locals as you are here.
Just because you speak English.

let’s focus on the companies to work for in Warsaw.

Supply chain jobs in Warsaw

This is my field,
I have been working +10 years as Sr Manager in this industry.

Focusing on the topic itself.

Most of the biggest companies you think of,
they have centralized operations in Warsaw.

Good companies to work on:

Wella Company

By far,
my favourite place to work in the supply chain.

Amazing atmosphere,
plenty of job opportunities,
potential for internal growth,
great work-life balance,
and an incredible office location (right in the center of the city,)

Global leader brand in the hair and Nail industry.
All the global supply chain operations for the company
are being managed centrally from Warsaw.

Procter & Gamble

Pampers, Gillette, Oral B
all these brands,
are part of a bigger brand called P&G (Procter and Gamble).

This is the company where I started my career,
I can say one of the best decisions I made in my professional career.

If you are considering starting your Supply Chain career,
this can be a good place.

Although the office is located in no such a convenient area,
the amount of knowledge you can get in here together with a very international atmosphere,
it makes it a great place to work on.

I have been mentoring +30 people in passing their job interviews,
if you need help with yours subscribe to my newsletter (it is for free, no worries).

When you leave your email, you will receive in your inbox,
what I did step by step to win the Procter & Gamble CEO Award during my first year in the company (given only to the top 3% performers).

Other supply chain jobs in the city would be:

Leroy Merlin

Finance jobs in Warsaw

Let’s talk about money now.
Plenty of financial institutions move their operations into Warsaw,
especially after Brexit.

JP Morgan
BNP Paribas
Goldman Sachs
Citi Bank
Standard Chartered
Santander Bank

These financial organisations in Warsaw are mainly focused on,
back office job,
operational job
and anti-Money Laundering.

In some exceptional cases (for example Goldman Sachs),
you can find some roles in investment banking.

To give you some perspective,
one of the biggest employers in the city is Citi Bank.

Consulting jobs in Warsaw

The first thing you would like to know,
it would be what consulting companies do.

A simple definition would be:

Consulting firms offer feedback and practical strategies to help companies enhance their efficiency or tackle complex issues in specific areas like advertising supply chain or technology.

Now that you are clear on the definition,
some names of the most important consulting companies operating in the city.

Boston Consulting Group

In these companies there is a mix between:

  • Pure consulting job (Face to face with a client)
  • Operational job (Working on system)
  • Back office job (working on behalf of Google/Facebook)

The good thing about these companies is the wide variety of work they perform.

You can do anything from transactional jobs
while promoting to leadership roles,
and even at some point work directly with clients.

Tobacco industry jobs in Warsaw

More and more tobacco companies are moving into the capital of Poland.

The big advantage of these companies?
They normally offer salaries above the median of the market.

If you are okay working in this industry,
this can be a good place to earn more money.

List of Tobacco companies with operations in Warsaw

British Ameican Tobacco
Japan Tobacco International
Philipp Morris
Imperial Brands

All these companies,
they have on top of their supply chain operations centralized in the city,
the financial operations and a little bit of the commercial and marketing.

They are very dynamic,
with great operations for growth.

What do all these jobs have in common?

No matter the type of job you want to perform.
For all these jobs some skills are common.

Do you want to know which ones?

  • Communication skills
  • Excel management
  • Outlook Management
  • Public speaking skills

If you are serious about improving your public speaking skills,
The Institute of Skills can be a good option for you.

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