The 3 most important skills for a successful career in a corporation

Top 3 Skills in a corporation

  1. Communication
  2. Outlook Management
  3. Excel Management

No matter if you do finance, marketing, supply chain, or data analysis … the 3 most important skills for a successful career in a corporation are communication, outlook management and excel management.

I am Mister Paton.

After 5 years of engineering studies …  15th of Jun (many years ago) arrived – the graduation day was here. I threw my graduation hat into the sky hoping for a future as bright as the sun ☀️ that was illuminating the ceremony, I picked the graduation hat from the floor (I am quite sure that was not my hat 😅).

This marked day 0 of my professional career 🎓

Inbox management Outlook Management Excel Gmail Lead effective meetings
Day Zero of my professional career

I was told that with my studies, my professional career would be as bright as the sun on that 15th of Jun … Life had other plans for me, the beginning turned out to be slightly different. 🤦‍♂️


For every job I was applying for, I was getting rejected ❌either on the screening part of the process or on the first interview. My level of frustration and desperation was escalating with each interview.

I was consistently doing the same mistake.

Over and over.

Until one day everything changed, and I was able to go smoothly through the recruitment processes ending up with quite some job offers in my inbox.✅

All was down to the way I was communicating, in this case poorly communicating.

If you want to learn more about what I was doing wrong – how I fixed it and

start to get job offers, you have just arrived at the right place.

Outlook Management

Multitasking is the ability to screw everything up simultaneously

After several job interviews, I ended up leading a team of 10 people in a big corporation.


My first role, leading a big team in an industry that was not familiar to me.

My first days in the role were absolute chaos

Such a big amount of emails – I was completely overwhelmed

Gmail outlook email Inbox many emails email mail ow to manage emails
My target: Manage my inbox in the most effective way

To catch up with the pace, I was putting day in and day out more than 12h of work

Half of my day was work – again: 50% of my day was about working

That triggered the following question in me:

If in my first role in a corporation, I will be spending such an amount of time,

how will I be managing when I will be growing in scope and responsibilities?

I needed to tackle the main buckets that were draining my time and more importantly, those buckets that I had influence over.

Those 2 main buckets were: my inbox and my excel.

After many hours of watching outlook tutorials on YouTube, attending outlook training and implementing Outlook shortcuts, I managed to reduce by nearly 60% the amount of time I was spending in my inbox.

Effective Workload Management with Outlook

The three main principles I applied (and I still do)

Not one not two, but three

  1. Each email needs to be actioned only
  2. By the end of the day – Zero emails sitting in my inbox
  3. Following the Mister Paton Magic chart

Thanks to following those principles – I reduced nearly 60% of the amount of time I was spending in my inbox.

If you are curious about what the Mister Paton Magic chart is about – keep reading more here.

Microsoft Excel

Vlookup, PivotTables, iferror, … if these sounds all Greek to you, no worries!

That was the same feeling that I had when during my first weeks at the first job.

Every time I had to run a report, it was a massive struggle.

What for experienced people would take them 10 minutes, for me, it would take me up to one hour

Excel table pivot table power bi vlookup
Spreadsheet Add column Row xlookup concatenate

In a way, that explains why I was spending nearly 12h at work daily.

I remember the person who was onboarding me

I needed to learn, and I need to learn fast.

Like what I did with my outlook skills, I did with my excel.

Thousands and thousands of hours in place to take my excel knowledge to the next level

Training, tutorials on Youtube, one on one sessions with Excel gurus …

What to expect in

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